Step 1:

Choose a recruiting plan that fits your hiring goals.

Diversity & Inclusion Retained & Contingency Search.


Short term, high volume or bespoke searches requiring multiple remote recruiters.


Hybrid Retained/Contingency Search.


Monthly Retainer based on a "Sliding Scale" that is applied as a "Credit" to the "Discounted" Placement Fee that is billed once a position is filled.

Contract Talent Acquisition, Sourcing & Advisement


High volume, long term consistent hiring coupled with Talent Acquisition Strategy Implementation.


Engage a DTS Contract Recruiter or Sourcer to work Onsite or Remotely.


Fixed hourly Rate for Unlimited Hires.

Artificial Intelligence Candidate Assessments


High volume hiring and talent assessment at scale that identifies "Critical Thinking & Problem Solving" skills when hiring Software Engineers.  Ability to evaluate a candidate's qualifications for employment beyond their resume; i.e. lack of past experience or lack of academic pedigree in an automated fashion.


A.I. Automated Talent Assessments powered by Machine Learning technology from M.I.T. in Cambridge, MA.


Pricing per assessment, package plans, monthly subscription or bundled services available.

"90 Day Guarantee On All Hires.  Candidates replaced at no charge"

Step 2:

Assign a point of contact from your company to the Recruiter.

Now we can start the analysis to determine which Talent Acquisition strategies should be prioritized and implemented, in addition to building “Candidate Pipelines” to support your planned hiring efforts.

*Your point of contact should have the ability to make introductions on behalf of the recruiter to your leaders across the organization tasked with hiring and managing staff for various teams.

Step 3:

The recruiter will then work with your internal hiring leaders to implement the Talent Acquisition strategies.

The end result is a robust Talent Acquisition infrastructure that will allow your company to build a Diverse & Inclusive work force by leveraging multiple candidate pipelines and managing the candidate experience from opening a position to on-boarding a new hire.

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